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Taizhou Yu Xi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Binhai Industrial Park, is the blow molding tray, blow molding kayak, blow molding heaven and earth, and other hollow blow molding products specializing in the production of factories. The company has a large hollow blown send 2 sets, large and medium-sized hollow blow molding machine 4, small hollow blow molding machine 2. Annual sales of 300,000 pieces of tray products and the world cover 100,000 sets, with a complete and scientific quality management system , To be the best, fastest and best to complete your order.

Produced by the blow molding does not broken tray with durable, environmentally friendly, carrying capacity and other characteristics, according to customer requirements can be customized different tray.

Companies adhering to the "quality legislation enterprises, integrity first" business philosophy to perfect the quality and reasonable prices, warm service to win the majority of customer recognition and praise. To strict quality and efficient management, advanced technology and equipment, continuous innovation to provide users with quality products and services. Now my company's products have been selling all over the country, we sincerely hope that customers purchase and incoming production, the establishment of long-term trade relations, and seek common development.